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Slimming Tea

Moringa Green Tea

Moringa Green Tea
There is an old saying: "Moringa leaves prevent 300 diseases." 
Moringa green tea set the free radicals, purifies blood, reduces stress of smokers and alcohol drinkers. Indeed, induces No-Smoke temptation. Dead cells of the skin are removed and improves glows and shine. Herbal green tea is highly beneficial for pregnant women, lactating mothers and working women for its soothing powers. Regular consumption of Moringa Green Tea keeps people consuming it in refreshing mood and keeps their body fit with improved performance and memory. This is due to cleaning effect of Moringa Green tea. This is an organic product and cultivated in a natural environment, under the vigilance of horticultural experts.

Why Green Earth Products?
Green Earth manufactures top quality Moringa Green tea which is made out of fine blending of fresh matured moringa leaves and processed under careful methods. A dip of moringa green tea bag is full of anti-oxidants, better than any other green tea. Our group offers the perfect combination of specially selected green tea and moringa powder. You can get the real taste, flavor of conventional tea as well as the specific goodness of Moringa. Tea of this category is known for its delicious, rejuvenating & refreshing features. Anti-oxidant elements present in this category of tea is good for health.

Slimming Tea

Slimming Tea
Slimming tea is known to help digest fatty foods. Made of natural herbs, such tea increases metabolism and help to reduce your cholesterol levels. It suppresses the appetite, detoxify, cleanse and rid the body of excess fat. Such tea does not cause you diarhea, instead they treat obesity from the root. Such tea can also be used for coronary heart diseases. It also reduces blood sugar levels. Consuming this tea also reduces stretch marks and melts cellulite naturally. Overweight patients suffering from a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, and body pain have also experienced relief on consumption of this tea. Slim tea also helps clear up body channels.

Organic Tea

Organic Tea
Dr. John Weisburger, Director Emeritus, American Health Foundation tells about organic tea that - “Current research shows tea contains specific antioxidants & health promoting ingredients. Lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke & certain types of cancer link, pancreatic and prostrate." The greatest organic tea benefit is the presence of polyphenol oxidase - an abundant supply of antioxidants. They can be termed as the “true elixir” of life. The activity of antioxidants in tea is more than that in over 21 fruits and vegetables. Tea qualifies as organic only when environment-friendly techniques are used in its production. Demand for organic tea, like other organic foods, has also been growing rapidly.
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